We can create millions of QR codes per prompt that are consistently scannable and consistently good-looking

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Our powerful API can take a simple prompt and return as many scannable, good-looking codes as you need, with each code able to redirect to a unique URL.

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QRX is an enterprise-grade platform designed to integrate with companies of any size

Highly Scalable Architecture

QRX can generate 36 million codes per hour with 10,000 GPUs, with the ability to increase capacity further if required.

Enterprise Security & Privacy

Secure coding, automated testing, encryption at rest and transit, etc. Our systems and processes are GDPR compliant.

Widely Compatible API

The QRX API is easy to use, widely compatible, and fully supported by detailed documentation.

Verified Scannability

QR Verify is our proprietary QR code verification engine built directly into our generator.

World-Leading AI Model

Built on the latest in generative AI research, trained to create beautiful and fully functioning codes.

SLA Support & Maintenance

Managed Zendesk support experience to raise requests in relation to the API, code generations, or other issues.

Ready to supercharge your customer engagement with infinite unique and high-quality QR codes?

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  • Our enterprise solution delivers unlimited custom AI-generated images (not just castles)

  • Each code in the set can point to a unique URL, or the same URL - it's up to you

  • We can host the destination URL and provide analytics if you need

  • All codes are pre-tested for scannability using our patent-pending QRX Verify(TM) hardware technology

  • Border size & resolution customizable

  • Full custom solutions for any use case

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